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Utilizing the Latest Technology for Site Assessments


Vapor Surveys

Marion Environmental frequently conducts subsurface surveys to assess the impact of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) on contaminated sites. The vapor intrusion surveys are used to detect compounds in soil with gas levels in the parts per trillion range and can go as deep as 25,000 feet below rock.

The vapor survey saves costs in site assessment, monitoring and remediation. Marion can perform sampling to detect in soil and/or groundwater over 60 compounds including VOCs, SVOCs and PAHs commonly found at dry cleaners and gas stations.

Analysis is performed by thermal desorption, gas chromatography, and mass spectroscopy using modified US EPA methods 8260 and 8270.

Calculated concentrations resulting from the vapor survey pin point contamination “hot spots” by creating concentration isopleth maps. These maps help define the contamination plume, and traditional drilling methods alone.

View the sample map of vapor survey



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